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2009 - Visit with Mabank High School Students

April 15th. Tax day: not to worry! We had better plans for the day.

Nine members driving their A's all met at the Chuck Wagon for a great breakfast. Next onto the high school where we were met by shop teacher Leonard Eason to set up for our tech session. Upon their arrival we were met with great and eager students wanting to hear and learn more about the Model A. Tables were set up with different books, tools, pictures and all sorts of information. Ola set up a Model A head and explained the operation of the spark plugs and distributor. Great questions were asked by the students, many showing interest in our club, and as usual our members had the answers.

A great tech session and some driving lesson were appreciated by about 60 students. Thanks to you the members: Shorty, Bill Capps, Sue Capps, Ola, Bill Wittner, Bill Lee, Don Dyess, Joe Creecy, Roberto Loar, Walt Hellebrand.

Walt Hellebrand