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2010 - Mabank High School

Photos1.jpeg Cedar Creek Model A Ford Club assembles in front of the Mabank High School. Students gather. Bill Lee shows juniors Chris Pearson (left) and Sean Ryan a tan 1928 Ford delux roadster with all original parts and complete with etched-glass wing window and exterior trunk. Mabank Junior High students Dusty Kornegay, Zack Cryer and Derek McAfee attending a class nearby were allowed to look over the Model As parked in front of the shop building Tuesday. This cherry red 1930 roadster with attached trunk has all its original parts.Owner Sue Capps says it\'s the best runing car she owns achieving speeds of 50 mph. Mabank Junior Patrick Stringer (right) leans in to get a closer look at the original spark plugs under the hood of this 1930 coupe, during a special showing by the Cedar Creek Model A Club Tuesday. Ola Powell points out some details on his black 1931 Model A coupe to senior Corey Roe. Model A club member Ola Powell sits in his air-conditioned cab coupe. AC is something he added for his wife\'s comfort he said. Mabank industrial arts teacher Leonard Eason shows juniors James Lloyd (left) and Malachi Dewbre under the hood of a 29 Ford Tudor owned by Bill Lee. The spark plugs are connected to the distributor by very thin slivers of metal. Bill Wittner (left) and Bill Lee talk about classic Fords with students Sean Ryan and Chris Pearson Tuesday, during a very special auto mechanics class. Mabank students talk cars with members of the Cedar Creek Lake Model A Club Tuesday during their shop class. Walter Hellebrand points out a spark plug firing demo on a nearby table to students David Gallegos, Nathan Floyd and Patrick Stringer while other Mabank students scratch their heads at the simplicity of the workings under the hood of these classic Model A Fords Tuesday during shop class.