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A Modern Zenith Carb for the 'A'

In January of 2010, Dennis Piranio held an open house which several of us from CCMAFC attended. Joe Creecy took along a sample of the new Zenith carburetor that works on an 'A'. He showed it to Dennis and left it with him for further testing. Here are some pictures of the carburetor:

Photos1.jpeg DSCN2838.JPG DSCN2839.JPG DSCN2840.JPG DSCN2841.JPG DSCN2842.JPG DSCN2843.JPG

A few days later, Dennis mounted the carb on his standard test Model A engine and ran dyno tests. Here are the results for both the engine using the new carburetor, and then the same engine using a standard Zenith carburetor:

Photos2.jpeg EPSON007.gif EPSON008.gif EPSON009.gif EPSON010.gif EPSON011.gif EPSON012.gif EPSON013.gif

Looking at the dyno sheets, you can see that the new carb is about 1 HP down across the board when compared to an excellently rebuilt original. For most of us, there should be a net increase in HP, considering the condition of most of our old Zeniths. An interesting comment on the last sheet (mileage calculation): "Carburetor very smooth, power & milage very close to original".

Several of our club members have begun using the new Zenith and report that engines run "a whole lot better".

Joe said he bought the carb through this website:

Bill Lee